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Simon Donald's


Alec Sneddon - Jason Adams
Willie Dobie - Matthew Sheehan
Arbogast - William Rooney
Leonard - Keythe Farley
Holly - Laura D’Arista
Evelyn - Jane Edith Wilson
Janice - Alicia Hoge
Fraser - Christian Leffler

Director - Bart DeLorenzo
Scenic Designer - Jason Adams
Lighting Designer - Chad Smith
Costume Designer - Candice Cain
Sound Design - Jeb Brown
Choreographer - Scott Vandrick

Producer - Burr Steers
Stage Manager - Kyle Pollock
Assistant Stage Manager - Lara Whitten

Graphic Design - Jonathan Liebhold

April 27 - June 28, 1996

Matthew Sheehan (Willie Dobie)

Jane Edith Wilson (Evelyn)

Christian Leffler (Fraser) and Alicia Hoge (Janice)

Laura D’Arista (Holly)

Jason Adams (Alec Sneddon)

The end


Los Angeles Times

The Evidence Room in Culver City is the perfect setting for The Life of Stuff by Simon Donald. A former warehouse, the space is now a versatile theater still surrounded by the warehouse’s distinct and looming shell.

In fact, the play, about the brutal machinations of a group of Scottish gangsters, takes place entirely within a warehouse. Designer Jason Adams’ dark and foreboding setting, imaginatively lighted by Chad Smith, seems both limitless and claustrophobic, a perfect visual metaphor for the "underworld." Yet this is not the underworld of Jimmy Cagney movies. It is the Pit, a point made clear by Bart DeLorenzo in his crafty, remorseless staging.

The performances are torrid, particularly Matthew Sheehan’s as a wannabe thug intent on establishing a criminal empire. Laura D’Arista and Jane Edith Wilson, who play unemployed, drugged young party girls, provide welcome comic relief in this grim "black comedy."

– F. Kathleen Foley

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