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Michael Sargent's


Kenneth Angry - Tom Fitzpatrick
L.A. Joe - Charlie Santore
Nita - Liz Davies
Puck - Jamison Haas

Director - Michael Sargent
Scenic Designer - Jason Adams & Erik Hanson
Lighting Designer - Anne Militello & Lisa D. Katz
Costume Designer - Ann Closs-Farley
Sound Design - Michael Sargent
Original Music - Don Preston

Producer - Ignacia Delgado & Bart DeLorenzo
Associate Director - Geordie MacMinn
Assistant Lighting Designer - Alain Jourdenais

Stage Manager - Paul Sheargold
Assistant Stage Manager - Beth Mack

October 3, 2002 - February 26, 2003

Tom Fitzpatrick (Kenneth Angry)

Liz Davies (Nita) and Charlie Santore (L.A. Joe)

Jamison Haas (Puck), Tom Fitzpatrick (Kenneth Angry), andLiz Davies (Nita)

Liz Davies (Nita)


Los Angeles Times

Like the underground films to which it pays homage, Michael Sargent’s Hollywood Burning is determined to shake things up. Taking stylistic cues from the likes of Kenneth Anger, Jack Smith and Andy Warhol, it is defiant, bewildering and titillating.

– Daryl H. Miller

BackStage West

Is it trash or is it art? In playwright Michael Sargent’s broadly dark farce, the lines are blurred, leading to an evening in which cheese-ball sleaze pavanes in alarmingly close proximity to a razor-sharp ironic sensibility and an enthusiastically edgy presentation. The show is ferociously fresh and offbeat...

– Paul Birchall

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