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Ken Roht's


Elizabeth Baird
Liz Davies
Laurel Devaney
O-Lan Jones
Laural Meade

Nick Arens
Kevin Artigue
Sissy Boyd
Dorie Barton
Ann Closs-Farley
Adrian A. Cruz
Roxanne Estrada
Keythe Farley
Tamar Fortgang
Chris Gerson
Jamison Haase
Peace Harambé
Jon Morris
Rachel Rogers
Scarlett Rouge
Mathew Vipond

Beth Mack
Jessica Salgado

Conceived, directed, and choreographed by Ken Roht
Music composed by John Ballinger

Scenic Designer - Keith Mitchell
Lighting Designer - Adam Greene
Costume Designers - Ann Closs-Farley and Rebecca Herron

Producers - Lori Nelson and Ken Roht
Sound Op - John Zalewski

December 19 - 21, 2002

Chris Gerson, Adrian A. Cruz, and Nick Artigue

Peace Harambé

Nick Artigue, Chris Gerson and Adrian A. Cruz


LA Weekly

When Ken Roht looks at Mylar thong underwear, he sees an exotic headdress. In Roht’s mind, an inexpensive bucket can become a hat augmented by colorful feather-duster plumes (a bargain at 99¢ apiece). For the award-winning choreographer, the 99¢ Only Store is a treasure-trove of mundane objects with endless possibilities – even toilet brushes can become whimsical puppets. Roht is a self-described "99¢ Only Store junkie" who now wants to take his obsession public. The result is The 99¢ Only Store World of Bargain Entertainment Dance Extravaganza, a new work conceived, choreographed and directed by Roht. With a cast of nearly 30, the performance focuses on joy, excess and American consumerism. Although conspicuous consumption is one of the underlying themes, this isn’t a show about corporate bad guys. Roht says that Bargain Entertainment in no way mocks the 99¢ Only Store chain: The company is co-sponsoring the piece. Bargain Entertainment features dance vignettes showcasing the pleasures of abundance – 99¢ Only-style. In addition to movement pieces, the performance features music, puppets, spoken-word excerpts from corporate reports and actors riding around the stage on shopping carts. The music is by John Ballinger, with an additional song – "99¢ Only Rap" – by John Zalewski and Erik Patterson. O-Lan Jones and Laural Meade are among the musical performers, and dance artists include Sissy Boyd, Tamar Fortgang and Scarlett Rouge. Aside from a few foundation garments, all of the costumes created by Ann Closs-Farley, Rebecca Heron, Robert Prior and Kirk Wilson are made from products sold at 99¢ Only Stores; likewise with Keith Mitchell’s set design. Playwright Peter Nieves has supplied some additional text. Asked whether Bargain Entertainment is a seasonal performance, Roht says, "It’s a holiday show, but there’s nothing Christmas-y about it," adding, "It’s more like a peace rally. There’s even a dancer named Peace [Harambé]."

– Sandra Ross

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